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APL-300 High-accuracy Mini-sized Automatic Cutting Machine
High-accuracy Mini-sized Automatic Cutting Machine
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APL-300 Die cutting machine OCA version APL-300 Die cutting machine OCA version
    Well-designed and Stabilized Bottom Dead-point Accuracy:
  • Specially designed machine structure and basic machining method, which provides extremely high cutting accuracy and stability.
    User Friendly Operation Interface:
  • Digitalized parameter setting to facilitate the SOP management, while saving lengthy education and training time.
    Automatic Lubrication System:
  • With Automatic Lubrication System, it simplifies the procedure of daily maintenance.
    Cutting Depth Adjusting Mechanism:
  • Totally digitalized depth adjustment in achieving convenient and fast adjusting.
    Full-cut and Semi-cut Machining Effect:
  • The cutting depth can be adjusted to the minimal 0.003mm in providing high accuracy for easier full-cut and semi-cut machining effect.
    Secondary Machining Flexibility:
  • It is flexible for carrying out inter-station alignment cutting.
    Steel Form Cutting Flexibility:
  • It supports steel form punching and cutting.
    All photoelectric films, PET, photoelectric gels, general adhesive tapes, light-shielding materials, and foam, etc.
Dimensions of Machine
L x W x H (mm)
W1600mm x L1250mm x H2200mm
Working Area L x W (mm) 500mmX500mm (300mm*300mm)
Bottom Dead-Point Accuracy +/-0.005mm
Cutting Efficiency 180times/min(standard model)
Motor (HP) 220V 50Hz 3P
Weight of Main Unit 2500kg
※We welcome custom-made orders for special request.
※We reserve the right to modify the specifications of any of the above listed machines without notice.