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APL-300 High-accuracy Compact Auto-Cutting Production Line
High-accuracy Compact Auto-Cutting Production Line
    Servo Cutting Mechanism:
  • The Main Cutting Axle is controlled by Servomotor to achieve high-efficiency and high-accuracy effects.
    Auto Feed Mechanism:
  • It is controlled by High-level Servo to achieve faster feeding speed and more accurate alignment.
    On-line with Multi-axle Auto Bonding Machine:
  • It is communicating with RAL-400 High-accuracy Auto Bonding Machine for carrying out synchronized operation.
    On-line with Auto Slicer:
  • It is communicated with AC-300 Compact Slicer for carrying out slicing operation.
    Secondary Processing Correspondence:
  • It corresponds with the alignment cutting operation between two stations.
    Various buffering material, light-shielding material, optical film and printing material, etc.
Maximum Width 300mm
Cutting Efficiency 200SPM
Motor (HP) 220V 60Hz 3P
Air Pressure Requirement 0.5Mpa
Weight of Main Unit 3000kg
※We welcome custom-made orders for special request.
※We reserve the right to modify the specifications of any of the above listed machines without notice.